Our Devices

About Spiral-Force® devices

As certified Spiral-Force® therapists, we are authorised to offer professional therapy services and sell Spiral-Force® devices for self-care.

To ensure the best results, we recommend you seek professional treatment from us before using the devices in your self-care routine.

Mori Spiral Therapy

Our models

We have a variety of Spiral-Force® magnet models available for your choice and needs. We have hands-on experience with each of them. If you need assistance or have questions about prices and delivery dates, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dr. Mobius

Mori Spiral Therapy

A top-of-the-line model that loosens the body to its deepest level. This is the ultimate force used in therapy.

D series L/S

Mori Spiral Therapy

A model that uses Dr. Mobius alone. It can be used for skeletal adjustment.

E Mobius Circle®

Mori Spiral Therapy

Uses 1xL and 2xS of E series in one device. When used as a pillow, sleep becomes deeper.

E series L/M/S

Mori Spiral Therapy

A versatile model that can be carried around in a waist pouch. You can choose according to your purpose, from bad circulation to facial uplift.

For pets- L/M/S

Mori Spiral Therapy

You can choose according to the body size of your dog or cat. Simply put it in a waist pouch and hang it from the neck.

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